Online Poker Revenue Commissions

Commissions Information

Our revenue-share programs are designed to make you the most money possible for the entire life of your traffic.

Online Poker Commissions

It's time to capitalize on the billion dollar Online Poker industry where you earn cash on EVERY HAND that your players play! It doesn't matter if they win or lose, you will be earning money anytime they play raked hands!

All About Poker Rake...

Poker Rooms make money in the form of 'Poker Rake', which, on its most basic level, is 5% of any pot of any hand. For example, if there is $20 in the pot at the end of the hand, the 'poker rake' taken by the poker room is $1. This amount is then divided evenly between all the players that were dealt cards that hand. If those are your players, you're getting paid!

How much will I earn?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn! We will provide you multiple poker rooms to work with. You can promote the ones you want, and the earnings will be different on each room (depending on several factors). Please refer to the Online Poker Revenue Commission charts on the right for default pay scales.

Commission Models works with some of the world's most recognized poker brands and passes along exclusive commission models to our affiliates.

Our revenue share models are extremely aggressive letting you earn more! Percentages range from 25%-70% depending on what model you choose and what is best for your business. Please speak with you affiliate manager to discuss these models, percentages, and more.

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