Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions.


Is there a earning minimum to be paid out?

Yes, there is a small monthly earning minimum to be paid out. You must earn at least $50 per month in order to receive payment. If you do not earn $50, the amount will be rolled over to the next month.

What does working with mean for me?

When you obtain an account with RoyalStakes you will have instant access to our products where you can choose what poker brands to promote. You will have access to your players statistics like rake, tournament fees, bonuses, and more making it easy to see where revenue is coming from and where it can be improved. Finally you will have access to promotional material such as banners, links, bonus codes, and even the power to create leagues and freerolls specifically for your players.

How do I get started making money?

Once you sign up for an account, we will contact you and set up the necessary account information for the poker brands you choose to promote. Items like direct links, bonus codes, and banner can be created to track players to you so you can start earning immediately!

What does it cost to create a account?

It's absolutely free ... we want you on our team!

How much money can I make with

Because you will be earning a percentage of the revenue there is no limit on how much you can make. Because we have teamed up with the poker rooms you will be receiving the best deals in the industry. Take a look at our products and commission levels.